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Traveling is a breath of fresh air, but can also feel constricting and stressful when you don’t know where to go, where to stay, or even what to do on your trip. In today’s society, we have the world at our fingertips, just an app away. Check out these top apps you need for your next trip abroad!


Skiplagged | Available for Android and iPhone

This app brags about rediculously cheap flights that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Your flight may take long because the app uses an algorithm to find “hidden cities”, meaning you will have a connected flight instead of one straight trip. However, you will have a cheaper flight through finding the loopholes in flights!

Flight Stats | Free, available for Android and iPhone

Track your flights with this free tracker app. It will show you the expected flight status, current flight status, and an overview report of the entire flight. Manage the information to your flight in one easy app and always stay in the loop.


AsYouStay | Available for Android and iPhone

This app makes finding a place to stay easy and affordable for your trip. It shows you available lodging, cheap pricing, and even offers discounts for the longer you stay booked through the app. Even if you need a place last minute, AsYouStay will find the best place for you.

AirBnB | Available for Android and iPhone

When AirBnB first launched, it was a simple app that allowed homeowners to open their space to guests and book through the app. Now, you can do more than just book a place to stay. The app also allows you to find things to do, places to eat, and more based on the area in which you book your lodging.


UrbanSpoon | Available for Android and iPhone

UrbanSpoon is a great resource for finding a place to eat if you’re traveling to a city. Showing over a million restaurants, this app can help you find the best restaurants closest to your location.


Cafe Wifi | Available for iPhone

Never pay for wifi when you travel again. With Cafe Wifi, you have the ability to search your location and find the closest free wifi in your area. You can easily work with free wifi or connect with your life back home while traveling anywhere!

Sidekix | Available for Android and iPhone

If you’re traveling for adventure, then Sidekix is your go-to. The app works like a GPS but will search for hidden gems along the way. Partnering with local bloggers, you can find some of the trendiest places to visit near your location.

Memrise | Available for Android and iPhone

Travel in style by getting to know the language before you even arrive. With Memrise, it’s easy to pick a language and start practicing for your trip!