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Heath Candero


About Heath

Heath Candero NY PictureHeath Candero has a passion for traveling and immersing himself in the diverse cultures and countries around the globe. He relishes the opportunity to explore on an international scale as it presents the unique opportunity to expose yourself to the wide variety of life perspectives, religions, and cultures that exist throughout the world.

He does not consider himself a tourist by any means. Instead, Candero likes to refer to himself as an explorer who is intently interested in learning from the unique people and cultures along the journey. Heath Candero understands that we have a finite amount of time on this planet, which is why he aims to explore as much of it as he can during this time.

Heath enjoys completely immersing himself in the cities that he visits for extended stays. When in a new city, he seeks to be authentic as possible. Heath Candero likes to experience life in the city just as the people who live there do. He has developed a knack for finding the types of restaurants, hotels, and hole-in-the-wall places that make each new place special.

Some of his favorite cities can be found right at home in the United States, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami. Internationally, Candero has become particularly fond of Aruba, Italy, and China.

These experiences from all over the world have given Heath Candero time to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him throughout this lifelong journey. He makes sure to take full advantage of the cultural diversity while visiting each of these cities, especially their food scenes.

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Throughout his travels, Heath has developed a passion for cultural cuisine. For Heath, travel has been great for the escapism from daily life, and offers an opportunity to get a taste of different cultures in their natural form. Although New York City offers a great mix of cultural influences, they are all interpreted in some way through the lens of the city itself. Traveling to a new destination has allowed Heath to take the palatable look into these cuisines in their natural forms. Upon returning from a trip, he can often be found trying to pull together a meal inspired by the foods he discovered while on the road.

His drive for new experiences only grows after each trip, and Heath Candero shows no signs of slowing down. In the near future, he has his sights set on visiting Paris, Monaco, and a number of cities throughout South America.