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London is a sprawling metropolis that attracts millions of visitors each year. There are many fascinating historical locations to visit, places to shop and numerous cuisine options. However, if your time in the city is limited, a few tips enable you to make the most of your stay.

The Tube

The Tube is the city’s underground railway system that ventures throughout London. Pick up an Oyster Card, which only requires a nominal deposit fee. In this way, guests inexpensively travel from one district to another quickly while saving money. Determine your must-see destinations and plan your stops accordingly.

Tour the Museums

Many of London’s museums do not charge admittance fees. Make a point of visiting the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Other highly recommended destinations include the Hertford House in Manchester Square, which houses the Wallace Collection. The exquisite exhibits include French 18th century armor, furniture, paintings and porcelain. Buckingham Palace opens to visitors during the summer months. However, acquire tickets online before your trip.

Take in a Show

Live theater production tickets need not be expensive if you know the shortcuts. Head to the TKTS Booth in the heart of Leicester Square. The facility sells unsold tickets for daily shows at a reduced cost. Potential audience members also often have their choice of seats.

Tipping not Necessary

Unlike the United States, tipping is generally not expected. In many restaurants, the bill includes a service charge, which represents the tip. Bars, pubs and cabs do not expect a tip. However, if feeling the need, a slight gratuity of 10 percent is always appreciated.


Oxford Street might be compared to Times Square and is considered one of the main shopping districts. However, avoid the location on weekends, as the crowds are enormous to the point the Tube restricts access. Stick to weekday ventures here. East London has trendy shops and wonderful places to eat. If desiring to see affluent areas of the city, venture to Mayfair and enjoy browsing. The many food markets are a great place to pick up a quick meal or the ingredients to prepare your own feast.