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Disney World isn’t just for children. Adults can also have a fun and exciting vacation at The Magic Kingdom. By taking advantage of the perks that come with traveling child-free, adults can enjoy the best of what Disney World has to offer. Once you’ve chosen your favorite from among the many resorts around the park, you can begin to plan your amazing adult-only Disney vacation.

Choosing Your Resort

There are many Disney resorts that have luxurious accommodations to make your vacation relaxing and fun. You may also wish to stay in a non-Disney resort but you should be aware that you won’t have the same shuttle options that are offered when staying at a Disney property. Many of these resorts have plenty to offer adults who are seeking a relaxing and quiet vacation. There are spa facilities and suites with amazing views. Some resorts also have room service and other amenities to allow you to fully enjoy your time away from the park.

Gourmet Drinks and Dining

There are many options throughout Disney World that offer cuisine that will appeal to adults who are seeking a quiet and relaxing dining experience. There are several restaurants in the park that take dinner reservations and cater to those who are looking for excellent food and drinks without the loud, chaotic atmosphere that comes with child-friendly restaurants. It may be a good idea to make reservations for later in the evening to increase chances of missing the family crowds.


When you’re traveling without children it allows you to fully enjoy the Disney nightlife. There are several locations throughout the park to enjoy the nightlife, but Disney Springs has the most to offer adult visitors. There is live entertainment, an Irish Pub, and plenty of shopping. On the Boardwalk, you can experience entertainment specifically for those over 21. The Boardwalk bridge is an excellent location to see Disney World’s famous fireworks display at the end of each night.

Disney World is a wonderful vacation destination for travelers of all ages, but if you want to enjoy an adults-only experience, there are many adult-focused activities and stores. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes tours, enjoy the nightlife, and sample gourmet food during your trip to The Magic Kingdom.