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One of the most expensive parts about travel is the airfare. Traveling a good distance beyond a half a day’s drive is a hassle. Traveling to another state or even abroad makes booking a flight necessary. Whether you travel for leisure or business, flight costs don’t have to break the bank. Don’t let expense hinder you from your next adventure. Here are some secrets to booking a cheap flight the next time you have travel plans.

Track Flight Costs

A great trick to save on airfare is tracking flight costs. You can download Google Flights to find cheap tickets to almost anywhere you could possibly go. Treat this as a great resource when traveling. Although it’s not the best out there, it will help you save money. Google Flights is also advancing their tracking tools that send you an email notification when the price of a flight you are tracking goes up and down. Because of the fluctuation in airfare costs, there’s no way to determine the exact lowest price possible. However, you can make the decision when you think the price is affordable or cheaper than you’d find elsewhere.

Download Travel Apps

With today’s technology, apps are one of the most useful resources one can have. Apps give you the ability to plan your trip with ease. Now, you can use travel apps to search for cheap flights, track flights, and even store your ticket information. With Google Wallet, you can have access to your flight passes without ever needing to print out your boarding ticket. Hopper is another great app that allows you to search for cheap flights, when to buy the ticket, and find the best times to travel.

Strategically Plan the Day & Time

Although many argue that there’s not an exact best day or time to travel, you can strategically plan your trip with the best options possible. If you’re planning to travel this summer, be sure to check out the cheapest days to fly. The algorithm for pricing flights is always updating, however, rumor has it that the best days to travel on in the U.S. are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Shopping around for airfare tickets can be stressful, but when you keep a few tricks in mind, you can find cheap flights to lower your travel cost.