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While many people consider the holidays a time to convene with family and friends to celebrate, others find the hustle and bustle of traveling quite unbearable at times. Regardless if the destination is near or far, here are five crucial rules vacationers should keep in mind before setting off on their journeys.


Luggage Limitations

Individuals traveling via air should try to limit their baggage to one carry-on. While this may be a daunting task for some, if other luggage is necessary, ensure the carry-on has the most essential items: medications, toiletries, electronics, and at least a little cash on hand. Packing only the essentials could save not only a great deal of time but also decreases the likelihood of losing checked baggage.

Keep Debit or Credit card Companies “In the Know”

No one wants to find themselves stranded on vacation in a strange city or foreign country with a blocked credit card. To ensure there are no unexpected or embarrassing declines or unanticipated holds, travelers should inform their financial institutions of the dates and locations of travel before departing for extended periods of time.

Plan Ahead

No matter where the destination lies, tourists should plan ahead and familiarize themselves with unknown areas. If the vacation spots are within driving distance, having a navigation or global positioning system (GPS) is advised as well as an atlas or map of the locale as a backup for any towns that may fall off the grid.

Practice Proper Hygiene

With so many people traveling, especially during the holiday season, it is no surprise that airports, train and bus stations, or other public places are the breeding grounds of germs and bacteria. To decrease the risk of contracting an illness, it is essential for individuals to wash their hands, thoroughly and often, with antibacterial soap, cleansing wipes or hand sanitizer, and avoid touching parts of the face.

Designate a Contact Person

Before departing for an extended period away from home, individuals should inform at least one relative or close friend of their plans. Providing an itinerary as well as contact information for any hotels or transportation utilized is also essential, just in case of an emergency.