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Nowadays, traveling is made easier and more stress-free than ever with tons of convenient travel gadgets available on the market. Travelers looking for a wilderness journey or off-the-beaten-path backpacking experience can still embark on their adventure, but now, there is more certainty that they will stay safe and get the most out of their trip. For this holiday season, here are the Top 5 Travel Gadgets of 2018 to purchase for someone who loves the thrill of travel.

Camelback Unisex Clear Purifier Bottle

With research-backed, proved UV technology to purify water from microbiological contaminants, this compact, easy to carry bottle is the perfect gadget for a travel journey out into the wild. When backpacking for long periods of time, it can be a challenge to pack enough water – with this purifier, travelers eliminate that worry, and can continue on their adventure with clean water to drink out of any water source, and an LCD screen to confirm the results of the purity effectiveness.

The GoTenna

Getting lost on a trek in a dead-signal zone is undoubtedly a concern of most travelers before embarking on their trip. The goTenna device pairs to smartphones via a messaging app, and allows backpackers to type messages, send GPS locations, and access free online maps.

Sandless Beach Mat

Made from 100% double layered and weaved polyethyln, this mat makes sand, dust, and dirt disappear. When drinks or any other type of liquid touches its surface, it is easy to clean off – making it the perfect travel gadget for days lounging on a sandy beach with the whole family, or out in the forest during a camping trip.

World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

This palm-sized, convenient travel gadget is essential for business trips and backpacking trips alike. It can be easily stored in a carry-on bag or in a purse, perfect for whipping out when any kind of fabric needs a quick steam. The travel steam iron contains a non-stick soleplate which glides over cloths and fabric, as well as a 1.5 oz water reservoir for essential steam. Travelers never have to worry again about pesky wrinkles from packing clothes in their luggage after buying this handy mini iron.

Videographic Sunglasses

Videographic sunglasses make it possible to block UV rays while, at the same time, video documenting an exciting expedition. These sunglasses contain full HD 1920 x 1080P @30fps, have photo taking functions and can support up to 32G of memory. Now, travelers never have to worry about missing a beat, as they can replay their adventures over and over again long after their journey.