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For those traveling to the Greek islands, it can be a lifetime adventure. The whitewashed villages against the deep blue Aegean Sea are the perfect backdrop for a vacation. There are over 3,000 islands in the Mediterranean. With so many islands to explore, some travelers island hop to maximize their adventure.

From the island of Crete, visitors can island hop to a variety of locations. Some of the most popular islands include Ios, Kos, Cythera, Rhodes, Karpathos, Paros, Naxos, Milos, and Santorini. There are passenger boats that make the journey across the Aegean Sea on a daily basis. Greece has many companies that provide this service with various routes and schedules. The ferry boats can be canceled at the last minute due to weather conditions so travelers are advised to always check the schedule with their travel agency before departure.

For travelers short on time, there is always the option to fly to a particular island. Flights have more frequent connections and arrive at the destination quicker than a boat. The added benefit is that flights are less likely to be canceled too. From Athens, there are two major airlines that service the Greek islands. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines are the major carriers in the area. Sky Express and Astra Airlines are less known but still operate flights to the islands. Flights can be booked in advance to find the best deal.

Cruise passengers can even island hop as well. Hassle-free travel can be achieved by arriving early to the intended mode of transportation. There are other cruise passengers want to fit as much into their limited schedule. At times, finding a seat on the ferry or plane can be a challenge. It is always important to have all travel arrangements booked before leaving on a cruise. For those who are not cruise ship passengers, be aware of the ship’s schedules. Tiny towns can quickly swell to capacity when the passengers have disembarked for the day. Island hopping can help travelers avoid crowds by visiting the less known islands.

For those who want to experience the true beauty of Greece, island hopping is the key to adventure. Visitors can customize their schedules to get the most out of their trip. The shining blue sea of the Aegean is waiting to be explored.