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Heath Candero Travel Holidays

The holidays are the busiest travel times of the entire year. Traveling to visit family, going away for vacation, and even just getting around your local area can be a crazy experience with the mass amount of people that are also traveling. All of the hustle and bustle of traveling makes many stay at home to avoid the mess, but you don’t have to avoid travel altogether. Travel smarter these holidays with this friendly guide to getting where you need to be.



When to Leave |  Get ahead of the hustle by traveling a few days earlier than the peak date. Most travelers often wait until the last few days leading up to the holiday. By leaving before the peak date, you can avoid the holiday mess of airport traffic. To have a better experience, shop around airports. The larger airports drive in more traffic because they are more widely known. Check out other airports within a decent driving distance and you’ll be sure to have less craziness. Smaller airports have smaller amounts of flights, meaning less people and less stress.

You CAN Carry On | One thing that travelers often worry about is what they can pack in their carry-on bag. To skip the confusion, here’s a list of everything you should take with you in a carry-on bag.

  • Photo ID
  • Money
  • An extra outfit
  • Medications
  • Fragile electronics

Flights can be hours long, with even longer waiting periods in the actual airport. Bring things to keep you occupied. Small electronics give you games to play while you wait. Many people bring laptops too as most planes have wifi (which may or may not be free) to either work or watch movies on the flight.



Traffic Games | Don’t let your car ride be boring. If you’re planning on spending hours on end inside of a car with your family or friends, be prepared with fun activities! While board games are out of the question, road trip games are actually a great, fun way to pass time. Make your road trip memorable by playing games to keep everyone entertained.

Best Travel Time  | Get ahead of the traffic by leaving earlier than you normally would. Early morning and later evening drives can cut the driving time down significantly. If you’re looking to avoid the traffic, make sure you’re not driving at the peak times of the day.